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    21 Very Cringe Dating App Bios From Aussies

    Are you guys okay?

    If you're single and using dating apps, you already know it's a tough world out there.

    And if you're single and dating in Australia, we have no doubt you've come across some questionable profiles.

    As a dating app expert*, I've decided to compile some of the weirdest Aussie dating apps bios I've seen in my journey so far. Enjoy!

    *I've been on the apps too long. Let me out!

    1. This giraffe suffering from extreme misogyny.

    2. This person who just seems to be using a lot of words.

    3. This hot mess.

    4. This very specific scenario.

    5. This sicko.

    6. This sicko, part two.

    7. This sicko...part three.

    8. This walking red flag.

    9. This go-getter.

    10. This...just this.

    11. This person who has the sheer audacity.

    12. This ultimate thruster.

    14. This gal who knows what she wants.

    15. This physio warning.

    16. This feral person.

    17. This confused soul.

    18. This very specific situation, part two.

    19. This warning.

    20. This bush creeper.

    21. And lastly, this, uh, donor.