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    14 Aussie TV Character Deaths That You'll Never Ever Get Over

    Australia needs a national day of mourning for Patrick Reid.

    We recently asked members of BuzzFeed Community to share the most heartbreaking character's death on Australian TV. Here are the emotional answers.

    1. Patrick Reid - Offspring

    2. Molly Jones - A Country Practice

    3. Claire McLeod - McLeod's Daughters

    4. Melissa Rafter - Packed To The Rafters

    5. Lou Jackson Paige - Love My Way

    6. Casey Braxton - Home and Away

    7. Mitch Stevens - All Saints

    8. Belle Taylor - Home and Away

    9. Maggie Doyle - Blue Heelers

    10. Sammy Lieberman - Dance Academy

    11. Aunt Peg - Please Like Me

    12. Noah Lawson - Home and Away

    13. Todd Landers - Neighbours

    14. Josh Waverly - City Homicide

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