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26 Times Tumblr Was So Done With Shonda Rhimes

It's a beautiful day to ruin lives. Warning: Spoilers.

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1. After killing off Derek Shepherd in last week's Grey's Anatomy, it's safe to say the fandom's trust with showrunner Shonda Rhimes has been broken.

2. There's a lot of unhappy people out there.

3. It's safe to say everyone is feeling a little victimised by Shonda.

4. And with McDreamy's death, very emotional.

5. Lives have been ruined.

6. And people are just not OK.

7. People have begun using original lines from Grey's Anatomy to describe Shonda...

8. ...even adding one from McDreamy himself.

9. Will life ever really be the same?

10. It's been angrily pointed out that Shonda has a rather sick sense of humour.

11. Especially when it came to the episode title.

12. Some fans are going as far as to quit the show.

13. They're just totally, 100% done.

14. Because is there really a show without Derek?

15. And some people just want to leave ShondaLand altogether.

16. Fans are completely McDistraught.

17. The tidalwave of emotions just seem never-ending.

18. It's more a horror story than a drama now.

19. Seriously though.

20. Can we even live?!

21. Even this theory from Pretty Little Liars seems to make more sense.

22. And Shonda it seems, needs to be reminded of some basic rules.

23. Some people did see the punny side of it.

24. While some dug up conspiracy theories.

25. And others, well, they just kept it short and sweet.

26. And then there's this. Wouldn't be surprised tbh.