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    27 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Catholic School Students

    What would Jesus do?

    1. When all your primary school drawings of Jesus had him with a big grin and his arms raised up in demonstration of his holy authority.

    2. When doing the offertory used to be the best job on offer at church.

    3. That year you were made to dress up in white to receive the Body of Christ, which did seem thrilling at the time.

    4. And your day was made that much more special with presents like this...

    5. ...or this.

    6. When you realised you had been saying the wrong words to a commonly-used prayer.

    7. When you thought God was there to help solve all your problems.

    8. When your school dress up days looked a little like this.

    9. When Lent rolled around and the ash on your forehead never totally lived up to your expectations.

    10. When you could finally stop kneeling on the hard, wooden pews during mass and really let your voice shine during the hymns.

    Youtube: esther medellu

    11. ...or at least mouth the words to pacify your teacher.

    Youtube: concisedictionary / Via

    12. When you knew it was always important to leave room for Jesus...

    13. ...and stay at least one bible length apart.

    14. When you knew tight grinding and pelvic thrusting was something the Lord would not approve of.

    15. And speaking of rules, you knew it was always important to abide by the strictest of them.

    16. For all those school days when you pondered, WWJD?

    17. What Would Jesus Do... in cyberspace?

    18. Jesus?? Hello?!

    19. When you went to a church that served the "wine" in tiny cups and it was exciting because you could pretend to shot it.

    20. When the artwork in your classroom looked something like this, and you didn't really know WTF was going on.

    21. So you just made scenarios up in your head.

    22. When you got older and the best part about mass or liturgies was sitting near your crush.

    23. And you completely tuned out the Homily and just practiced awesome pick-up lines in your head instead.

    24. When you reached high school and sex education looked a little like this:

    25. And you started to rely more and more on the help of popular culture to get you by in religion class.

    26. Though one thing all past Catholic kids can agree on, is that nothing or no one is scarier than an innocent looking nun.

    27. And to this day, you still feel an immense guilt when you skip church.

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