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32 Aussie Musicians You Haven't Thought About Since The '00s

Please stop calling me, calling me.

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1. Shakaya


Simone Stacey and Naomi Wenitong made up duo Shakaya, who broke through in 2002 with their catchy tune "Stop Calling Me". The group disbanded in 2006, but now that you remember this song, goddamn will it feature on every party playlist.

3. Leah Haywood

Sony / Via / Creative Commons

Haywood's "We Think It's Love" was one of the most ridiculously catchy pop anthems of the early '00s. She followed it up with fiesty 2001 single "Takin' Back What's Mine". Since relocating to Los Angeles in 2002, Haywood has written tracks for Ashley Tisdale, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.


4. Amiel


American/Australian singer Amiel had huge success in Oz with "Lovesong" released in 2003. She had formerly featured on the 1998 hit "Addicted To Bass" with Melbourne producer and musician Josh G. Abrahams. Amiel was released from Warner Records in 2008.

6. Sister2Sister (S2S)

Festival Mushroom

The Muscat sisters Christine and Sharon released their first (and most well-known track) "Sister" in late 1999 and also had success with their 2000 single "What's A Girl To Do". They established the Sister2Sister School Of Singing in 2004 and sometimes perform backing vocals for Delta Goodrem.


9. Killing Heidi

Roadshow Entertainment

Killing Heidi released their multi-platinum album Reflector in 2000, after smash hit "Weir" took over the charts in 1999. They went on to release another two albums, but went on an indefinite hiatus in 2006. Still holding out for a reunion tour though.

11. Scott Cain


Scott was the winner of Popstars season three, and his debut single "I'm Moving On" had some commercial success. When his music career failed to take off, Cain had a stint working for the Disney Channel as a presenter. Cain and his partner Danielle Stearman applied for The Amazing Race in 2010.


12. Taxiride


Forming in 1997, Taxiride really rose to fame in 1999 and 2000, with their platinum album Imaginate spurning hits such as "Get Set" and "Everywhere You Go". The band's 2002 album Garage Mahal was also certified platinum. After 2006 the band were on a hiatus, however recently they have toured again with their original line-up.

13. Stephanie McIntosh

Universal / Via

She was well known for the role on Neighbours but Stephanie McIntosh also had a top ten Aria album in 2006. She signed a five album deal with Universal music, but Tightrope ended up being the only release.

14. The Androids

The Androids gave us one of the cheekiest hits of the '00s with their single "Do It With Madonna". Their follow-up singles had less success however, and to this day the band is best known for being Madonna's number one fans.

15. Candice Alley


Candice Alley is most remembered musically for her hit song "Falling" which peaked at number five on the Aria charts. She released some music in 2007 and had a guest spot on Aussie show Neighbours in 2015.


16. Joel Turner & The Modern Day Poets

Dream Dealers

Joel Turner first appeared on Australian Idol in 2003 where he drew attention for his beatboxing skills. Turner and his band's first single "These Kids" (released in 2004) reached number 1 on the Aria charts and their self-titled debut album went platinum. As a solo artist, Turner released a second album in 2007 but it did not garner as much attention as his first.

17. Slinkee Minx

Central Station

Don't know the band name? You may remember their cover of Belinda Carlisle's "Summer Rain" which peaked at number 5 on the Aria charts. Or maybe you've danced to it drunkenly at least once. The band did actually release new music last year, and are rumoured to be releasing an EP this year.

18. Rogue Traders

Columbia / Via

The Rogue Traders' most successful single "Voodoo Child" also happened to be their first single with new member Natalie Bassingthwaighte. The group had two successful albums in the mid-'00s, with 2005 release Here Come The Drums being the most well-known. Bassingthwaighte and drummer Cameron McGlinchey left the band in 2008. The band was dropped from Sony in 2010 and broke up shortly afterwards.

19. Random

Sony / Via

Random won the first season of The X-Factor in 2005 (yes, apparently the show was around in 2005), and their first single "Put Your Hands Up" did well, but was their only successful single. The band broke up in 2007 but briefly reunited for a one-off performance in 2009.


22. Seany B

YouTube: TVRockVevo / Via

Seany B just happened to become famous lending his vocals to TV Rock's "Flaunt It". While nothing has quite hit the same mark as that song, his Facebook page indicates that "nobody can get enough of Seany B".

23. Kate Alexa

Liberation Records / Via

Kate Alexa's song "Always There" featured on Home and Away and propelled her to national attention in 2004. After supporting The Backstreet Boys, her third single "All I Hear" also charted well. Alexa released an album in 2012 but it failed to chart.


24. Sneaky Sound System

Whack / Via

While forming in 2001, Sneaky Sound System's 2006/2007 singles "I Love It" "Pictures" and "UFO" were the ones that really propelled them to stardom. While the band has still had success in recent years, nothing has quite topped the fame they had in the mid-'00s.

25. Cassie Davis

YouTube: CassieDavisVevo / Sony / Via

Cassie Davis and her powerful voice had success in the late '00s with her debut album Differently which included singles "Like It Loud", "Differently", and "Do It Again". Davis has kept busy since then, out of the spotlight, writing songs for artists such as Stan Walker, Havana Brown and Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

26. Lee Harding


Ahhh remember when Australia had a pop-punk solo singer? Neither. Anyway, Lee Harding (from Australian Idol fame) did have one chart number with his song "Wasabi". Now your memory is triggered who could forget these lyrics?

"She's just like wasabi

Looks like a barbie

Yeah she's too hot for me."


27. Operator Please / Creative Commons / Via

Operator Please were the owners of the ridiculously catchy "Just A Song About Ping Pong" that rocketed up the charts in 2007. While the band did release another album in 2010, it didn't quite reach the same success and they've been inactive since 2011.


28. Gabriella Cilmi

Island Records / Vevo

Gabriella Cilmi released her debut album Lessons To Be Learned in 2008, and is most recognised for single "Sweet About Me" which had international success. Her second studio album Ten didn't quite take off as much as her debut. In 2015 Cilmi formed a new band with her brother, All Kings and Queens.

29. Faker

EMI / Via

Though their first album was released in 2005, Faker hit mainstream popularity with the ever-so-catchy "This Heart Attack". The band announced the inevitable in 2013, quite a while after we all stopped thinking about them - yes they were no longer.

30. Amy Meredith

Eva Rinaldi / Via

Pop rock band Amy Meredith had a 2009 hit with "Pornstar" and followed strongly in early 2010 with the release of "Lying". That was the most we heard of them on commercial radio and TV, and the band were dropped by Sony shortly afterwards.

31. Orianthi

Geffen / Via Youtube: OrianthiVEVO /

Another one on the cusp of 2009-2010 fame, Orianthi is best known for her guitar prowess and her single "According To You". While she may not have been heard as a solo artist on the charts much after that, she's still going strong, touring overseas and joining supergroup Hollywood Vampires on a 2015 track.


32. Kisschasy

Eleven / Via Youtube: Kisschasy Official /

OK you probably thought about them last year after they announced their final ever tour, (yes apparently they were still lurking around out there somewhere) but Kisschasy are best known for their 2005 hit "Do-Do's & Whoa-Oh's". The band called it a day late last year, but toured one last time where they played their debut album and other popular tracks. Nostalgia never sounded so good.