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    18 Things We All Do When Home Alone

    Housemates are out, party time.

    1. Play music super loud and dance along enthusiastically to it.

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    2. Take the chance to let your inner X-Factor contestant shine.

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    3. Do all of the above, while in your underwear.

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    4. In fact, spend all day wearing nothing but your underwear.

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    5. Pee with the door open.

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    6. Shower with the door open.

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    7. Walk back to your bedroom (or around the house) completely naked.

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    8. Take a billion selfies of you experimenting with different looks.

    Instagram: kimkardashian

    9. Accept your Oscar for "Most Outstanding Actor / Actress."

    10. Practice how to pose for your next work photo.


    11. Get distracted by whether you're getting wrinkles or not.


    12. Stand in your kitchen eating one bite of everything because you don't know what you feel like.


    13. Cook up a very strange concoction while pretending you're the next Masterchef.


    14. Decide it's a great time to self-teach yoga or pilates.

    15. Binge watch a super trashy TV show that you'd never otherwise admit to watching.


    16. Try on clothes and shoes that you haven't worn in ages and parade down the hallway.

    Youtube: Ryan Lewis

    17. Decide you want to get creative and start a new hobby like creating a blog or writing a short story.


    18. And social media stalk the shit out of everyone from your ex, to that girl you once sat next to in Biology.

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