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    Posted on 21 May 2015

    17 Things That Annoy Everyone Who Rents

    *Stalks landlord until they reply*

    1. When your landlord tells you repairs will be done before you move in and they're not.

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    So weeks later, you get to deal with the tradesmen.

    2. Or when you have to constantly chase up your landlord or real estate for other urgent repairs...


    3. ... and they don't get back to your for days or even weeks.


    I need a working oven goddamnit.

    4. The fact you can't hang up photos, paintings or mirrors in your own place.


    Or you at least have restrictions.

    5. The very real pain you feel paying rent every week for a place that will never be yours.

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    6. And the utter heartbreak you feel when you realise you're paying over $10,000 rent per year.

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    7. Because technically that could be money you're using to save for a house.

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    8. Not to mention paying bond is an absolute bitch.


    9. When the price of your rent bumps up a little more after every lease renewal.


    10. Or when you have to move house consistently every year, and it's so goddamn tiring.


    11. When all your bills just conveniently decide to arrive at the same time.

    12. When it rains and your roof starts leaking.

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    Because any repairs were probably meant to be done six weeks ago.

    13. When you can no longer remember a day where you weren't hounding your real estate agent or landlord.

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    14. The fact someone has to come inspect your house every few months, just because.

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    15. And dealing with strata if you live in an apartment is absolute hell.

    16. So if you lose your security door key, have fun waiting about three months to get a replacement.

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    17. And the biggest hassle when it comes to renting? Sometimes it's just finding a goddamn place to rent in the first place.


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