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Taylor Swift And Ed Sheeran's Support Acts Have Basically The Same Name

You can't make this shit up.

You probably know Aussie singer Vance Joy. He won us over with hit song "Riptide" and has been touring with Taylor Swift.

And now meet Irish singer Foy Vance. Yes his name sounds like Vance Joy. Confusing right?! Actually, Foy Vance is an awesome alternative/folk artist, and is touring with Ed Sheeran.

It's safe to say given the fact Ed and Taylor are, you know, BFFs and share many fans, there's been A LOT of confusion over the two support acts.

Seriously though, people are very bewildered.

When you think Vance joy is opening but really it's some weird guy named Foy Vance that looks like this

when you think vance joy is opening for ed so youre like okay at least ill know one song but its actually foy vance

There's astonishment over the fact the two dudes are TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE.

Vance Joy and Foy Vance are two different singers....What the hell ?

Why do Foy Vance and Vance Joy have SUCH SIMILAR NAMES IT STRESSES ME OUT

So someone named Foy Vance is opening for Ed Sheeran & I was so sure that Evenko made a mistake and its actually Vance Joy but sike its not

All this time I've been thinking Foy Vance was just a weird typo for Vance Joy

Some people thought Foy Vance sounded like a Vance Joy tribute act.

Ed's first support act tonight is called Foy Vance and his name sounds like he's just gonna be a Vance Joy tribute act

While others contemplated this name change.

But why couldn't Foy Vance just change to Joy Vance? Then we'd have Joy Vance and Vance Joy. All would be right in the world.

The irony was not lost on many people...

how Ed has someone named Foy Vance opening and Taylor has someone named Vance Joy

so foy vance is opening for ed sheeran while vance joy is opening for taylor swift #what

And regardless of the confusion, the general consensus is that both acts are wildly talented in their own right.

Remembering if @foyvance or @vancejoy sings the song I want to listen to is my biggest struggle in life. #SameNameGame

Foy Vance and Vance Joy are both on the sleep playlist tonight...I only wanted to tweet this b/c the names are similar and I like that

Never heard of @foyvance until accidental download of #JoyofNothing instead of Vance Joy tracks. Best mistake ever. Brilliantbrilliantbrilli

But remember if all else fails, Wikipedia has your back. / Creative Commons / Creative Commons

Check out Foy Vance's music here and Vance Joy's music here!

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