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17 Things Everyone's Heard From A Passive Aggressive Co-Worker

"Will you be joining us for this meeting?"

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1. "Nice of you to finally join us!"

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2. "Is that a new perfume? Very strong!"

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3. "No coffee for me today, my heart has barely recovered from the last time you forgot I only drink strong, soy decaf!"

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4. "Breakfast at your desk again? I hope your kitchen at home isn't lonely!"

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5. "Aren't you lucky to be getting so many personal calls today!"


6. "Meeting in five minutes! We'd love to start on time if that's alright with you!"

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7. "Meeting in two minutes, by the way!"

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8. "Are you on the phone? I just wanted to check if you were on your way to this meeting! No rush, finish your call..."

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9. "That's an ~interesting~ outfit choice! I wouldn't be brave enough to wear something so... colourful."

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10. "Someone likes their lunches to be fragrant!"

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11. "Not sure if you saw my email but there's a meeting at 3pm today."

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12. "I'm sure there'd be less complaints if this drill was for a ~real~ fire."

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13. “MMM that coffee smells great, I wish I had some time in the afternoon to go out and get one, but you know busy, busy!”

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14. "This last piece of pie can be for you, since I saw how hungry you were gobbling your lunch just now!"

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15. "I'm sure you've got some big plans, you can't stay home watching Netflix EVERY weekend!"

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16. "I just wanted to triple-check you got my meeting invite from this afternoon, you haven't RSVP'd yet!!"

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17. "Look at that! I'm leaving before you for once!"

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