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    17 Theories About Who The Fuck A.D. Could Possibly Be On "Pretty Little Liars"

    It's felt like 84 years...

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community who they think Uber A is on Pretty Little Liars. Here are some of the best theories:

    1. The Lucas theories:


    Lucas is A.D. He's tech savvy, rich, has access to all of the Liars, and had his own grudge with at least some of them. He's not mentioned too often in the show where it'd be obvious, but hinted at enough (Hannah staying in his loft, wanting to invest in her, etc.) that it could be him.

    –Jessica Singer, Facebook


    Right now I'm leaning towards Lucas. He has always hated the Liars, and he still pines over Hanna. And in the Dollhouse, it said some things in multiple languages – interestingly one of the languages was German and he's the only character with a German last name.


    3. The Wren theories:

    It's Wren. It has to be. Most importantly, let's just take a look at the last scene of the first episode back. The gloves handing Jenna that tea, as well as the doctor's scrubs, and who's a doctor? WREN. Plus, who else would know that much about the Liars?

    Jeanne Marie


    I still think it's Wren. It was fishy when he was colouring in that red coat and blonde hair on a drawing when Spencer was in Radley. Plus I want to see him again.

    –Kaitlin Walker, Facebook

    5. Spencer's twin theories:

    Okay this is so obscure but it's definitely Spencer's twin. Now, we just found out that Spencer's birth mother is Mary Drake. Mary Drake is an identical twin, so it could be a clever allusion on the writers' part. The doctor who delivered Spencer, when being questioned about Mary, says "Mary Drake, I delivered two of her babies". The Liars assume he is talking about Charlotte and Spencer, but I think it's actually referring to Spencer and her twin.

    Also, earlier in the season, Spencer for seemingly no reason gives all of the Liars necklaces with their names on them – in the PLL universe nothing happens without a reason. In the scene where Spencer kisses Toby she is not wearing her name necklace, nor is she wearing clothes that she has been seen with in that episode. I think that this was actually her twin.

    The actor who plays Caleb is also quoted saying "You’ve never met A.D. You kind of have. When you see it, you’ll understand what I’m saying." AS IF THAT DOESN'T SOUND LIKE AN IDENTICAL TWIN THEORY.



    Bethany Young is Spencer’s twin. She escaped out of Radley the night of the Jenna incident and got burned by the fire. Later, she escaped again thAt night and went to the DiLaurentis’ house. There she and Spencer switched places (I don't know how) and SPENCER is the one buried by Melissa.

    Bethany comes back to the barn as Spencer and starts her plan to get back to the girls.

    rayjoanne, Tumblr


    Remember when Mona revealed to the Liars that Melissa was one of the Queen of Hearts, along with Wilden?

    When they were watching the tape, Emily questioned who the second Queen of Hearts was. Mona, eyeing Spencer, responded, “Your sister”. The video was shut down by Big A (Charlotte) before it could be proven it was her sister, aka Melissa, which is what everyone was thinking as she is Spencer’s only known sibling. Her twin’s motive would be that Spencer got to live a normal life – while she was raised in a mental institution. She was jealous and sick of Spencer. Initially, she wanted to meet her twin for the first time, but something must’ve happened that stopped her.

    On the night of Jenna’s blinding, I believe her twin might’ve been watching Spencer, and/or possibly wanted to meet her. When the stink bomb set off, it burned the twin, and she was scarred for the rest of her life with them. This made her HATE the Liars and Spencer. She has despised them since then.

    Read more here.

    atellsall, Tumblr

    8. The Alison theories:


    I think things will come full circle and it will turn out to be the original manipulator, Alison.



    A and A.D. played with the girls just like Ali did. I never thought that was a coincidence. I don't think it's one of the four Liars because we know too much about them. But Alison still is a bit of a mystery. We haven't gotten as close to her as the other Liars. There's easily things about herself that she could be hiding... I mean she was gone for over a year. That's a lot of time for planning.

    Sara Capucilli

    10. The Paige Theories:


    Paige. That girl is sketchy af and she's the worst character ever. They could have easily kept her out of the show but they brought her back for some reason.



    So convinced that Paige is A. First, she tries to drown Emily before ~falling in love with her~. Then, she has enough strength to pull Wilden off of Spencer and then fight him on the Halloween train episode. She could've also purposely said that Emily's flask had drugs in there to make her woozy just so she seemed like the victim. Killing Jessica, Charlotte, and Sara (also possibly Maya) were probably easy for her to do since the death of Jessica and Charlotte would hurt Alison, and Sara and Maya were too close with Emily previously. To top it all off, she goes away to California for what months? Years? That gives her plenty of time to plan/execute everything. But the most recent things that made me think she's A is that her new occupation is Athletic Department Supervisor (with A.D. in there for short!) IMDB also had her listed as Paige/A.D. before taking the A.D. off this morning with no explanation. Super sketchy!


    12. Other theories:


    A.R.I.A. - A. Really. Is. Aria. Her name could be an acronym. I hope so, if not she was made the biggest red herring ever – almost borderline disrespectful with the amount of clues that point to her. The hardest part about theorising is that the writers have created multiple storylines that could potentially lead to multiple different characters being A. But I will definitely feel betrayed if they don't make it Aria which I have already been mentally preparing myself for.



    Y'all. It is Caleb. He has tons of ins with the Liars, comes back to Rosewood whenever they're there, and knows all about computers. Also, when he left for Ravenswood, the A stuff stopped and then started right when he returned.




    Mona, I think she never actually stopped playing the "game" and has been behind it all along – even while Cece was "A".



    Uber A is Melissa Hastings but there is more to that. There is a huge twist in her reveal. Melissa isn’t Veronica’s biological daughter. She is also a Drake. Mary also had Melissa but couldn’t take care of her. Mary gave Spencer a hint in 7x01. Charlotte and Melissa met at Radley and worked together in Season 3. Mary Drake is the evil twin, not Jessica. She is working with Melissa to find Charlotte’s killer and ultimately kill Alison.

    mymidnightshow, tumblr


    Dan Humphrey, probably.

    –Anne Malene Brandt, Facebook

    17. Fuck it, maybe it's just all of us.

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