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25 Things To Learn Before You Move To Sydney

You'll probably be sharing your home with those dirty little German cockroaches.

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1. Everyone living in Sydney loves to complain about it.


It's just a normal part of living here tbh.

2. Finding an affordable rental to suit ALL your needs is virtually impossible.


Especially if you want to live closer to the city. Say goodbye to your $$ and hello to an apartment that potentially doesn't have an oven in it.

3. And remember any photos on real estate websites are designed to fool us.

Those agents know their angles.
Morton Real Estate / Bright Residential / Via

Those agents know their angles.

4. There will definitely be times you're sharing your new home with some unwanted vermin.

Those fucking German cockroaches will be the death of me.

5. And oh God, don't even get me started on the flying cockroaches.

Getting hit in the face by a flying cockroach on my way home from work is always lush, Cheers Sydney πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ˜©

6. Everything will seem super expensive at first.


7. But eventually you'll start justifying paying $18 for a salad.

8. Traffic is absolute hell.


9. And watch out for the parking fees, because they'll really sting ya.

10. Sure, Bondi is beautiful, but there are other beaches you can visit while having a higher chance of keeping your sanity intact.

It's just so crowded.
Kokkai / Getty Images

It's just so crowded.

11. If you have friends who live on the opposite side of the bridge to you, organising catchups is a nightmare.


12. In fact, just resign yourself to the fact you'll never see them again.

A fellow Inner West friend on me announcing i'm moving over the bridge. "We can still be friends on Facebook!" #sydney

13. And everyone's quite prone to sticking around ~ their ~ suburbs

If all your mates are based in the Inner West, there's probably no reason to ever leave it again.

14. If you're in for a wild night out, it's best to check the lockout laws first.

15. Never trust the bus timetables.

Buses too full to let people on and running consistently late.. Sydney transport at its finest...😑😑😑

16. And just get used to accepting that if your train is due at 8:20am, it can come any time between 8:17 to 8:37.

Left Hornsby 3 minutes late, arrived at Chatswood 1 minute early. Sydney trains ability to defy time constantly confuses me.

17. Oh, and if it starts raining? Public transport will be fucked for the rest of the day.

My favourite thing about Sydney is that the slightest smattering of rain throws off the public transport timetable by a standard 15-20 mins

18. Be careful walking out on the street when it's raining. People are bloody DANGEROUS with their umbrellas.


19. The city layout really doesn't make that much sense.

20. You will experience so much rage when walking in busy streets.

Sydney is Australia's number one producer of slow walkers.

Why do so many people just STOP directly in front of you?!

21. And expect roadworks galore on main drags like George Street.


At least until the new lightrail is built.

22. At some stage a taxi driver will probably end up asking you for directions.


23. And be wary that a lot of drivers won't want to take you to nearby places if the fee isn't big enough.


Thank god for Uber I guess?

24. No matter how long you've lived in Sydney for, there's still always so much to do and so many places to explore.

25. And there's no doubt that the big old city will definitely provide you with long-lasting memories.