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    Channel [V] Is Shutting Down After 20 Years

    The channel will no longer exist in its current form, but will merge with [V] Hits.

    Foxtel announced today that Channel [V] will merge with [V] Hits and now operate as a music only channel, with no more "long form" content.


    Max, Country Music and Smooth will remain but also be operated as music only channels.

    Former and current [V] presenters have taken to Twitter to pay tribute to the channel that launched careers for people such as Osher Günsberg, James Mathison, and Yumi Stynes.

    Channel V is closing on Friday. Must have been a tough call to make for MGMT. 20yrs of cutting edge TV, sad to see it go.

    After 20 years of music television, @channelv says goodbye this friday..Thanks for the memories and the great times. I loved working wit you

    While current presenter and VJ Danny Clayton shared this flashback photo from Big Day Out.

    And many people who grew up with the show are feeling rather nostalgic.

    Sad news about @channelv I used to get home to watch @oshergunsberg & @jamesmathison I waited hours to see D12 "Purple Pills" play again

    Sad to hear about the demise of Channel V and Max. Their live set recordings were like oxygen when I was a teen in regional QLD.

    Gutted about Channel V. Watching videos on YouTube just can't replace the banter between the music #nothappyjan

    Thanks for the memories [V]!

    Channel [V]

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