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    Posted on 22 Jun 2015

    17 Stages Of Having An Internet Friendship

    Thirsty friendship faves.

    1. You've noticed on social media you're totally clicking with this one person...

    2. ...they're hilarious! They always make you laugh and brighten your day.


    3. It's not long before the two of you start messaging each other directly.

    Universal Pictures

    4. And you soon start to follow / add each other on other forms of social media.


    5. This quickly leads to exchanging phone numbers and texting.

    6. Which of course will also lead to Snapchat conversations.

    7. And at times you find yourself telling them things you don't even mention to your IRL friends.


    8. Except there is just one thing... you guys still haven't met up in person.

    9. Eventually you decide to organise drinks or to go out for dinner.

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    10. And when the day comes, you're weirdly nervous and start second guessing everything.


    11. "What if we don't actually get along in person?! What if they think I'm weird?!"


    12. It's almost like going on a blind date... except you just want to be IRL friends.


    13. When you get there and finally meet them, it's a little like this:

    Screen Gems

    14. And of course you guys hit it off.

    Columbia Pictures

    15. Soon it's like you've known each other your whole lives.

    16. And tbh, sometimes you completely forget you even met on the internet.


    17. So here's to the internet friends that turn into awesome real life ones!


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