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29 Things Only Girls Shorter Than 5-Foot-3 Will Understand

Grocery shopping can be a nightmare.

1. Bathroom mirrors just aren't made for your tiny stature.

2. ...and your mirror selfies aren't always exactly on point.

3. Trying to do your washing can look a little like this.

4. Even the shallow end of the pool is not really your friend.

5. You often feel like you need to carry around a stepladder with you at all times to make life easier.

6. You're the most likely to get squashed in group hugs.

7. Hanging out with your friends tends to look like this.

8. Although your friends quickly get used to the fact that sometimes they need to give you a helping hand.

9. And taking group shots be like:

10. Grocery shopping isn't always exactly easy...

11. ...seriously though.

12. And sometimes you just want to reach something in the kitchen and have to go to extreme lengths.

13. Unfortunately your head becomes an armrest waaaaay too many times.

14. You often feel like a child when you sit down and your feet can't touch the ground.

15. When you go bowling with your friends, you're still given the kid-size shoes. With velcro.

16. Your end-of-year prom/formal had you looking like this... and that's while wearing a pair of heels.

17. Driving when it's sunny can be a total nightmare.

18. Actually, just driving in general can be problematic.

19. Shopping for jeans is the absolute worst.

20. Or when you just want to buy a fun T-shirt but it turns into a dress.

21. And let's not forget this very real fact.

22. Or this awkward truth.

23. This is just cruel.

24. And rearranging your room is just a major pain.

25. Sometimes you feel like there are so many things you're missing out on.

26. And this is pretty much your everyday mantra.

27. On the plus side, you've always been great at coming up with hiding places.

28. Short people don't let anything hold them back from getting what they want.

29. And as a bonus, you can always rock heels.