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Then And Now: The Male Celebrity Crushes You Forgot About.

They stole our hearts (briefly) and after their five minutes of fame...we forgot about them. Such is the fleeting nature of love.

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David Gallagher

Most known for playing Simon Camden in the hit show 7th Heaven ("when I see their happy faces, smiling down at meeeeee,"), David Gallagher grew up in front of our eyes, turning from lovable boy to a sexy son of a Reverend.

James Lafferty

Staying with hit show One Tree Hill for all nine seasons, Lafferty played angry teen jock turned family-man/basketball star Nathan Scott, forever cementing himself a place in OTH fans hearts. #Naley forever.

James now...


Since One Tree Hill ended in 2012, Lafferty has starred in a few films, a web miniseries titled 'Wild Life: A New Generation of Wild' and was playing Aaron in NBC series 'Crisis.' (Now cancelled.)

Jonathan now...

What's JTT doing now? Mostly keeping a low profile, apart from a few sly appearances here and there. In an interview he stated he made a conscious decision to walk away from fame, due to wanting to have a break, study, travel and live a semi-normal life.

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