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18 Tweets That Prove Children Are Definitely Smarter Than Adults

"My son got mad at me yesterday and opened all the bananas in the house. What type of passive aggressive monster..."

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Me: "Why are these Legos all over the floor?!" 5: "To keep everyone else away; it's my computer turn." BRILLIANT.


My son was crying and asked, "why doesn't the dog have to wear pants?" And it's like, I don't even know. So now I'm putting pants on a dog.


Me: Guess what time it is? 6-year-old: I don't have to guess. I can read the clock. Me: It's time to clean your room. 6: No, it's 2:45.


4yo son said the word prototype. When I asked him what it meant, he said "People are a prototype" and I was too scared to ask what he meant.


My son got mad at me yesterday and opened all the bananas in the house. What type of passive aggressive monster...


7 y/o daughter: "If I'm watching cartoons on the couch then wouldn't they be couchtoons cause I'm not in a car?" No paternity test needed


Was arguing with my 2 y/o for 30 minutes about why he needs to wear his pants and now we're both sitting in our underwear eating donuts


I lead the after-school drama club at my kid's school. A 1st gr said, "Can you teach me how to act like I'm listening when my dad talks?"


I let my 3-year-old make her own dinner. She put candy corn on top cold pizza The apprentice has become the master.


3YO: MOMMY HELP HELP! ME *throws cat off lap, drops phone, spills coffee on self, runs up stairs, kicks open door* 3YO: I want a snack.


Me: Let's go to the store. 5 yo: Why? M: For food. 5: Why? M: So we can eat. 5: Why? M: To stay alive. 5: Why? M: I have no idea.


I love the brilliant way kids' minds work... #KidLogic



I was arguing with my husband and my son screamed "yay! TWO christmases!" from the other room.


My 5yo on her 1st day of K: "They asked me to count as high as I could. I could've done 200, but I didn't want to waste anyone's time."


my little cousin rolled up like "so I heard you wanted a brownie" 😐


10: Mom what's a metaphor? Me: My life is a train wreck. 10: I know Mom, but what is a metaphor?


My daughter brings a checklist to stores now and just makes random checks. It makes everyone uncomfortable.