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The ABCs Of Australian Primary School

The place we learnt more than just the ABC.

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B is for Book Week


Where you got to dress up as your favourite character EVER for the whole day.

E is for Erasers


And all the times you used them to make your tough life decisions.

H is for Healthy Harold


The puppet who taught us all about making healthy choices... in a van.

K is for Kindergarten


Where it all begins!

L is for Library


The library was easily one of the greatest areas in your whole primary school.

Q is for Questacon


Most NSW and ACT schools got to visit this magical place at least once.

T is for TV


When it was wheeled in to the classroom, you knew you were in for a good time.

X is for Xylophone


Learning all the Christmas carols on them so you could really impress your parents on the night of school carols.

Z is for Zooper Doopers


A classic primary school treat, perfect for the hot summer days.

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