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A Summary Of What Happened To Your Favourite "Pretty Little Liars" Characters

The series has officially ended, and at least one person ended up as a necklace.

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Spencer Hastings


It was hinted that Spencer was still getting it on with Toby at the end, and I guess she was just still working on the Lost Woods Resort and studying law? Who knows, that girl deserves a break after her fucked family tree situation.

Aria Montgomery-Fitz


Aria finally married Ezra and the couple went off on their honeymoon, mentioning that they were looking to adopt when they returned home. Can't wait for them to tell their future child about how they met.


Alison DiLaurentis


Ahh Alison. After disappearing for a couple years, coming back, discovering her mother died, marrying her cousin's true love, somehow becoming a high school teacher, being admitted into a psych ward, and being impregnated with Emily's eggs, she got a happy ending in the end with Emily. Go figure.

Emily Fields


Who would've thought at the end of the PLL series we'd see the biological spawn of Emily Fields and Wren Kingston?! Despite this trauma, Emily and Alison are happily engaged and the mothers of two blonde twins... I mean, make of that what you will. Emily was even wearing a SKIRT in the final shot of her! True character progression.

Hanna Marin-Rivers


In another relatable PLL storyline, there's nothing like getting your fashion business off the ground then desperately trying to fall pregnant at the tender age of 25. Although it was early days, Hanna's final scene saw her divulging the fact she and Caleb were FINALLY pregnant. Let's hope the baby gets Caleb's hacking skills, but not his whiny nature.

Caleb Rivers


Despite being the most tech-savvy of the lot, Caleb was neither A.D. nor uncovered who A.D. actually was. Sad! But our fave genius is happily married to Hanna (well they were happy by the end anyway), and expecting baby number one. Oh, and apparently he sold some sort of software to Lucas, so there's that.

Ezra Fitz


With Ezra and Aria's book being turned into into a movie (nothing like cashing in on the disappearance of your ex-girlfriend), and a honeymoon to the south of France on the cards, Ezra managed to end the series pretty unscathed. Apart from the fact he tripped over in A.D.'s fake outdoor setting and hit his head on a rock, promptly knocking himself out. But hey, he has a Masters in American Literature, we can't expect him to bring down A.D. with just that.


Toby Cavanaugh


Rosewood's self-confessed worst cop surprisingly put together who A.D. was pretty damn fast... and his knowledge of Spencer's favourite poetry really made A.D.'s game come crashing down. After walking back to Rosewood from New York, and accidentally sleeping with A.D., Toby is now focusing on helping the homeless... and while he's getting people off the streets, he's slipping into Spencer's sheets. The real Spencer this time.

Mona Vanderwaal


MONA THE ICONIC QUEEN! Sure, she may have been A for the first two seasons, but goddamn if she didn't help save the Liars every single time after that. Our final scene with Mona saw her living her best life in Paris, with her boyfriend, while playing with her real-life dolls. Yep, you better believe she captured A.D. and IS KEEPING HER LOCKED IN AN ACTUAL DOLLHOUSE. Fuck, I just love her.

The Wine Moms


While we still never learned how the Wine Moms got OUT of the basement, they did give us a sweet minute or two of recounting their struggles down there. Apparently Pam didn't drink for a year after that ordeal. We ended up with Ella remarried to Byron, Ashley running the Radley hotel, Veronica with her own legal practice, and Pam helping Alison propose to Emily.

Melissa Hastings


Melissa made ~two~ fleeting appearances in the finale... she bonded with Spencer over some horses (real Melissa), then appeared to be lurking the girls at Aria and Ezra's combined bachelor/bachelorette party (fake mask Melissa!). We never really got a reason as to why Melissa and Wren broke up, or what Melissa is even doing now with her life. But hey, at least we got to see her.

Wren Kingston

Ahh Wren. He started as the world's worst doctor (who couldn't spell and was prone to colouring in red coats), before having his ashes turned into a diamond by A.D.. Maybe he should've stuck with Melissa Hastings after all.


Peter Hastings


After impregnating half of Rosewood, we're not really sure where Peter ended up. He split with Veronica, but does he know he actually has another secret biological child that WAS actually A.D.? Hopefully he's now learned how to use protection.

Lucas Gottesman

Freeform / Via

Poor Lucas. He basically became a self-made millionaire before losing all his money by investing in Hanna's fashion business. He then had to sell his loft to Hanna and Caleb, but somehow managed to buy Caleb's software company in the process. And then our final-ever glance of him was when he tap-danced down the street in Mona's weird dream/fantasy sequence at the start. #LucasDeservedBetter2017

Jason DiLaurentis


Probably the most sane one on the show, Jason decided to get out of Rosewood and stay out, probably still traumatised about discovering he dated his cousin. While we know the actor wasn't exactly available for the finale, Jason was only vaguely referenced in the last episode. So wherever he is, we hope his luscious hair is healthy, and that he's studying his family tree so he can stay away from hooking up with his half-siblings/cousins.

Jessica DiLaurentis/Mary Drake

While Jessica is dead and buried, we could never really figure out if her evil twin sister was actually that evil, or just plain misunderstood. Mary gave birth to three kids while in and out of Radley, and two turned out to be evil lurkers with a flair for building underground lairs. Mary's fate? Well, she's trapped in a dollhouse in France.

Noel Kahn


He started as a high-school heartthrob, and before we could even figure out why he came back to terrorise the Liars, he accidentally decapitated himself at the blind school.

Sara Harvey


Known as Red Coat and Black Widow, the shower-obsessed Sara Harvey was part of Charlotte's entourage... only for Noel to kill her in the most fitting place of all – a bathroom.

Jenna Marshall

We never really understood if Jenna was on the A.D. team, or being blackmailed... but we do know she did have a weird obsession with discovering who A.D. was. And boy, did she discover it. I never thought we'd be here, but if it wasn't for Jenna SNIFFING OUT A.D., who knows what would have happened to the Liars and their squad. Yep, blind Jenna and her sense of smell basically saved the day.



A.D. stood for Alex Drake this whole damn time, aka Mary Drake's third child, and Spencer's identical twin. Now, if anyone is to blame to start with it's Wren – he walked into the wrong bar in London one night, and thought Alex was Spencer... and still decided to date her anyway. From there Alex met Charlotte, and when Charlotte was killed, took over the game to avenge her. Her motive? All she wanted was a ~family~ and Charlotte had been taken away from her. Oh, and also after impersonating Spencer, she really wanted a) Spencer's life and b) a bit of Toby action. Where did Alex end up, you ask? In Mona's dollhouse, sipping tea, and looking bored AF.


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