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    Posted on 3 Apr 2017

    A "Married At First Sight" Contestant Has Absolutely Dragged The Show

    The Season 4 contestant said the show was “absolutely fake and excruciating to live through".

    Married At First Sight contestant Susan Rawlings has spoken out against the show ahead of tonight's finale.

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    The 37-year-old Perth truck driver has been a fan favourite, as viewers watched her loving relationship with Queenslander Sean Hollands unfold.

    Rawlings spoke to Perth Now, saying she felt "morally obliged" to speak out against the show and its treatment of the contestants.

    Rawlings said the contestants were denied “basic human rights” such as using the toilet, and were often dehydrated and sleep deprived. At one point the contestants banded together and refused to speak on camera until they were allowed to use the bathroom facilities.

    Rawlings also accused producers of feeding contestants lines, including their vows, and said the producers also fed the psychologists lines through ear pieces.

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    "I’m absolutely furious that no one from the show has ever contacted me to this day and asked if I’m OK or offered me any support," Rawlings said. “It’s absolutely fake and excruciating to live through."

    The biggest reveal from Rawlings was perhaps the fact that her renewal ceremony with Hollands didn't exactly go down the way it panned out on TV.

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    “The editing team completely twisted it all around so that it looks like Sean went first and said that he wants to stay with me and ride off into the sunset together," she said. According to Rawlings, the producers edited out Hollands final line where he said he didn't want to continue their relationship.

    Runaway bride Lauren Bran also spoke out against the show.

    Married At First Sight airs its finale episode tonight.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Endemol Shine Australia regarding the claims from Rawlings and Bran.

    You can read the interview with Susan here and here.

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