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    27 Pop Songs You Definitely Forgot About Until Now

    "Oh yeah, that song" - you right now.

    1. "Irresistible" - Jessica Simpson

    Remember when Jessica Simpson got marketed to be all Britney-esque? REMEMBER?!

    2. "Stop Calling Me" - Shakaya

    Literally the early '00s anthem for every fuckboy in your life.

    3. "Jackie" - B.Z. ft. Joanne

    "Jackie, when you're touching my soul in the candle liiiiiight!"

    Please watch the video. It's so gloriously '90s.

    4. "Scandalous" - Mis-Teeq

    Goddamn, when you remember this song, you remember how much of a banger it truly was.

    5. "Purple Pills" - D-12

    Maybe you remember the PG version "Purple Hills".

    6. "Gotta Tell You" - Samantha Mumba

    You'll remember it when it hits the chorus, trust me.

    7. "Shadow" - Ashlee Simpson

    Remember when Ashlee released her second single and it was a weird dig to her older sister Jessica?

    8. "There You Go" - Pink

    When Pink first burst on the scene she was edgy AF and made Avril look like a punk-pop imposter.

    9. "If Only" - Hanson

    This song came out a little after the boys from Hanson hit puberty. That harmonica opening though.

    10. "Walking Away" - Craig David

    If Craig David ever taught you anything, it was the importance of walking away... from the troubles in your life.

    11. "Papa Don't Preach" - Kelly Osbourne

    Oh man. Sometimes it's better just to forget.

    12. "Halfway Gone" - Lifehouse

    "Oh, shit yeah, Lifehouse DID have another song after 'Hanging By A Moment'" - you right now.

    13. "Pretty Vegas" - INXS

    Remember that 2005 reality show where INXS tried to find a new lead singer? Yeah. That's how this came about.

    14. "So Real" - Mandy Moore

    Baby Mandy Moore! Singing a song that's not "Crush"!

    15. "I Turn To You" - Christina Aguilera

    It's hard to remember this little gem, with the overshadowing of "Genie In A Bottle" and "Come On Over".

    16. "Born To Make You Happy" - Britney Spears

    Honestly, I forgot this song was even a single until now.

    17. "Not That Kind" - Anastacia

    "Please, I remember this!" - You say, until realising you only remember "I'm Outta Love".

    18. "AM to PM" - Christina Milian

    Until now, you probably hadn't thought of Christina Milian since the early '00s.

    19. "Dancing in the Moonlight" - Toploader

    OK back in the day this was catchy, but also probably something you'd find in your parents' collection.

    20. "Stole" - Kelly Rowland

    Um tbh, this song deserves to be imprinted in everyone's memories and didn't get nearly enough credit.

    21. "Life Goes On" - Leann Rimes

    Look, it's no "Can't Fight The Moonlight".

    22. "What I Go To School For" - Busted

    Before One Direction, Busted tried to take the whole boy band thing to a rock level, but they're only really remembered for perving on their teacher at school.

    23. "Bounce" - Sarah Connor

    For when your first boyfriend broke your heart, at the tender age of 11.

    24. "Fuck It (Don't Want You Back)" - Eamon

    I'm so sorry for reminding you about Eamon.

    25. "I'm Lovin' It" - Justin Timberlake

    I mean, we all remember it from McDonald's ads before we remember this was an actual SINGLE!

    26. "Confessions of a Broken Heart" - Lindsay Lohan

    Amongst other controversies it's kinda easy to forget Lindsay Lohan released some songs... and they weren't entirely awful.

    27. "(There's Gotta Be) More To Life" - Stacie Orrico

    We all remember "Stuck" right? Right? Anyway. Stacie Orrico released another jam, where she dressed up as a lot of different characters, including a young mother... while hoping there was more to life.

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