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    17 Times Tumblr Hilariously Summed Up Being Hungover

    Bitch, I'm so hungover.

    1. When you're failing to make breakfast.

    2. When you're just too damn predictable.

    3. When your hangover's written all over your face.

    4. That dreaded feeling of forgetting to leave water near your bed.

    5. When Snow White just totally summed up your feels.

    6. This amazing creation that really needs to happen.

    7. When you feel like you're going to die.

    8. This rather accurate depiction.

    9. As well as this.

    10. When you're attempting to face the day.

    11. This affirmation.

    12. When you need to thank those who are always there.

    13. Including the ones that never let you down.

    14. When you wake up not feeling as fresh as a daisy.

    15. Or the terrible times you have to battle your way into work.

    16. For when you're attempting to teach a class hungover.

    17. And when you think you're fine, but you're really not.

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