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19 Random Facts About Australia's Iconic TV Show "Home And Away"

The name Refuge really just doesn't have the same ring to it.

1. Ray Meagher (Alf Stewart) is now the only original cast member left on the show.

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2. The show was originally going to be called Refuge.

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Show creator Alan Bateman came up with the show's concept during a holiday to Kangaroo Point. He noticed locals complaining about the construction of a foster home where city kids were being moved to, and thus, the idea behind Summer Bay was born!

3. It’s the second-longest drama series in Australia, after Neighbours.

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4. And the very first episode was 90 minutes long.

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Geez, that's alotta Alf.

5. While the cast shoots out at Palm Beach in Sydney, the actual sets are based in Channel Seven's studios in Redfern.

6. The series has also been filmed in two overseas locations: Hawaii and London.

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7. Ada Nicodemou (Leah) admitted in an interview that the cast sometimes uses what they call a “tear blower” to help them fake cry.

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"It’s basically a bit of a mentholated spirit-type of thing that they blow in your eye. That kind of brings it on and, if you’ve got the emotion behind it, you can cry," she said.

8. Isabel Lucas' character, Tasha, originally spoke Pig Latin – not because of a character storyline, but because Lucas had no previous acting experience.

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9. Lynne McGranger wasn’t the original Irene. She took over the role in 1993 when Irene came back to the Bay.

Network Seven
Network Seven

Jacqui Philips originally played Irene from 1991-1992, then the character left the bay to "get herself together".

10. Producers regretted deciding to kill off Alan Fisher, because the fan backlash was so strong.

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They then tried to pen believable scenarios as to how the character could reappear.

11. When Bec Cartwright found out she was pregnant, the writers decided to make her character, Hayley, pregnant also.

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Ella Scott Lynch replaced Bec to act out Hayley’s last year in the Bay.

12. Ed Sheeran, Sia, John Farnham, and Ian Thorpe have all made appearances on the show.

Network Seven
Network Seven

13. And Chris Hemsworth made a sneaky cameo in 2015, eight years after he departed the Bay.

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14. There have been three different diners since the show commenced.

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The original diner was called Bayside Diner and run by Bobby and Ailsa. In 2000, Colleen accidentally set fire to the kitchen of Bayside. Alf and Ailsa relocated the diner to an existing building in front of the beach, and renamed it the Beachside Diner. In 2008 the Beachside Diner became unsafe due to aftershocks from the 1996 earthquake. The diner was then relocated to its current location on the pier, and is currently owned by Leah and Irene.

15. The show has won 46 Logie awards.

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16. And in 2015 it was inducted into the Logies Hall of Fame.

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17. In 2017 there was a special “adults only” episode.

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The episode was touted as Home and Away's most "violent" to date.

18. There have been seven different versions of the Home and Away theme song used throughout the years.

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While the lyrics have remained the same, the number of verses included were gradually cut back over time.

19. And in 2010 the show cut the vocals from the opening theme, and replaced it with a short instrumental version that has stayed until this day.

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Bring back those iconic lyrics!

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