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21 Times Tumblr Summed Up Life In Australia

"The Hangover 1, 2 & 3, is just called: “A Quiet Wednesday Night Out” in Australia."

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1. This proof that no-one can be bothered with "McDonald's".

2. And this poetic explanation of a "Macca's Run".

3. This ancient proverb that all children abided by:

4. And this very real problem.

5. This accurate summary of the drinking culture.

6. And well, this.

7. This photographic evidence that our animals just DGAF.

8. Seriously though.

9. And even the animals aren't invincible when it comes to the crazy Australian weather.

10. This very real truth.

11. And this extremely normal way for people to bond.

12. This proof that you won't ever be safe.

13. And this version of religion.

14. Alternatively, maybe your faith lies here.

15. This ad attempting to speak the Aussie language.

16. The way Aussie news tries to explain a very real weather threat...

17. But Aussies' priorities may not always be what you expect either.

18. This has probably happened to everyone at some stage tbh.

19. Also this.

20. This standard way to buy some bacon.

21. And the time someone helpfully explained how star signs work Down Under.