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17 Things All Aussies Love About Coming Home

There's no place like home.

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1. Drinking proper coffee again.

2. And enjoying our overall café culture.

Honestly brunch is the best in Australia, why lie.

3. Eating proper food again.

This is mainly for when you're returning from America tbh.

4. Like real, proper, fresh food with vegetables.

5. Also, real chocolate.

None of this Hershey's shit.

6. Indulging in Aussie delicacies like meat pies, Tim Tams, and Vegemite.

7. Coming back to sunny skies and delicious weather.


8. And of course, our beaches are the best in the world.

9. Like, they have actual sand.

We're looking at you, UK and your weirdass pebble beaches.

10. Being able to drink water straight from the tap again.

11. Kicking back with a good old Aussie wine.

12. And being back in the land of the best beer.

13. Not having to think about leaving tips.

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14. And not getting your money mixed up because it's all the ONE COLOUR.

America, honestly.

15. Chilling out on the weekend with a BBQ.

16. Indulging in a cheeky late night kebab or halal snack pack.

17. And not having people constantly try out their (terrible) attempts at an Aussie accent.