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    18 Times The Sprouse Twins Absolutely Roasted Each Other On Twitter

    Name a more iconic duo, I'll wait.

    1. When Cole had something to say about Dylan's outfit choices.

    2. But Dylan hit him straight back.

    3. When Cole pointed out the differences between them.

    4. And when Dylan had the best response to Cole's trolling.

    5. Time and time again.

    6. When Dylan celebrated Cole's success in the best way.

    7. When Cole shared this beautiful image.

    8. And when he celebrated his real twin.

    9. When Dylan made trolling an art form.

    10. When Cole shared this throwback.

    11. And when Dylan shared this one.

    12. When Cole couldn't resist calling out his twin.

    13. But Dylan clapped right back.

    14. When Dylan took a jab.

    15. When Cole shared some family history.

    16. And shared an intimate photo of Dylan's life.

    17. When Dylan called Cole out.

    18. And when Dylan had a go at both Cole and himself in one tweet.