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We Chatted To Sophie Monk About "The Bachelorette" And How To Get Out Of A Bad Date

"It's been really full-on."

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You may know Sophie Monk from many things: her days in '00s pop group Bardot, her Hollywood career and, of course, she's Australia's next Bachelorette.

"It's full-on. It's just real. It's really real," Sophie said about filming The Bachelorette.

Anna Mendoza/BuzzFeed

"I was in lockdown a few days before, and I thought, 'what am I doing?!'. But you just gotta do it. The show is pretty good at finding out behind-the-scenes things about people, so I was never worried about people applying for the show for the wrong reasons."

And Matty J warned her it'd be emotional.

"He told me to just 'go with the flow'. I didn't even notice the cameras were there after a while, so that was actually quite scary!"


And the worst thing someone could ask Sophie while on a date? How many children she wants.

"Though, in this scenario it's pretty different because you do need to know if they're interested in having a family. But if it was any first date? No, it's way too full-on."

Luckily, she does have some advice for anyone who needs to bail on an awkward date.

"You just have to get your friend to call you and say there's an emergency. It's so obvious, but at least it's still kind of polite!"