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    Posted on 8 Jun 2016

    19 Struggles Only Netball Players Will Understand

    Why is netball a winter sport again?

    1. Trying to drag your sorry ass out of bed every Saturday morning.

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    2. Getting outside in the freezing cold and wondering why the hell you put yourself through this.


    3. Not being allowed to wear tights or leggings underneath your uniform.

    4. Getting to the courts and not even being able to find your teammates due to the fog.

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    5. Never being able to grow your fingernails during the season.


    6. Or forgetting to cut your fingernails and praying the ref wouldn't notice for just ONE day.


    7. Having to remove piercings or tape over them if you had just recently been pierced.

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    8. Having the ball hit your frozen finger mid-game and experiencing pain like no other.

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    9. Or having it hit your cold, red little nose.

    10. Falling over and feeling that cold burn of the court.


    11. Attempting to keep your skirt or bodysuit down and not flash too much butt during a windy quarter.


    12. Being placed against a super-tall or fast opponent.


    13. Accidentally colliding with an opponent and trying to convince them you aren't a bitch out to get them.


    14. Getting a stray elbow to the head.

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    15. Catching the ball off-guard then flailing around awkwardly, trying not to step.


    16. Getting a little too enthusiastic and overstepping your boundary line.


    17. Finally warming up, only for your coach to give you the next quarter off.


    18. Finishing your game and finding out you're on ref duties for the next game.


    19. And finally getting home to shower, and feeling like a million needles were zinging your cold skin.


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