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    17 Things Millennials Should Stop Wasting Money On So They Can Buy A House Instead

    Learn how to budget, millennials.

    Over the weekend, “social demographer” Bernard Salt had a go at millennials, most notably being rather affronted that so many of them waste money on brunch.

    You may be surprised to know, however, that having the nerve to pay $22 for breakfast is the least of millennials' worries. Here's another 17 things they could cut back on:

    1. Double shot, cold-drip coffees, with a splash of almond milk.

    2. Those hip Yeezy sneakers.

    3. Sparkling water.

    4. Organic "poshcorn".

    5. Gym memberships.

    6. Sausage sandwiches at Bunnings on Saturdays.

    7. Fancy doughnuts.

    8. Hipster meals.

    9. Uber trips.

    10. Opal cards.

    11. Haircuts.

    12. The sunglasses you can see your reflection in.

    13. Cold-pressed juices.

    14. Fancy hipster mugs to drink their green tea in.

    15. Healthcare.

    16. Look, really, while we're at it, millennials don't need shoes and clothes.

    17. In fact, they should look into even selling something of theirs, like a kidney.