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27 Times Tumblr Accurately Summed Up Being In Your Twenties

Funny, but painfully true.

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1. The reality vs. expectations.

2. The affirmations we should all be giving each other.

3. When you're being lectured on the direction of your career.

4. When your friends are becoming a little more adult than you.

5. This classic haiku that basically sums up your early twenties.

6. And this accurate depiction of your bank account...

7. ...especially if you're subjected to monthly pay.

8. When the only exercise you perfect is skipping.

9. When other twentysomethings seem to have it way more together.

10. How you feel on the outside vs. the inside.

11. When things are just not making sense.

12. And when you're desperately just trying to keep it together...

13. ... except everything feels a little like this.

14. This accurate visual depiction of entering post-uni life.

15. The times when you reminisce on college life vs. whatever strange, adult abyss you've been thrown into.

16. And when you really believe there should be a syllabus for the next chapter of your life.

17. This accurate depiction of the typical twentysomething conundrum.

18. The times you're just not ready to think about the real future.

19. As well as the times you give in to your true desires, even if you know it'll be a mistake.

20. When your social media is taken over by engagements...

21. ... or babies.

22. And your family starts ~politely~ asking you when you're going to settle down.

23. When you're hanging out with other twentysomethings in the same boat.

24. And the times teens remind you how old you actually are.

25. The days where you're nailing adult life vs. the days you're really nailing it.

Nutella off a spoon is a meal, let's all face the facts.

26. As well as the times you're hit with the sudden realisations that make total sense now.

27. And when this horrifying epiphany enters your brain and nothing will ever be the same.