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27 Times You Were So Done With Being An Adult

Becoming an adult is not all it's cracked up to be.

1. When you were trying to find a job, preferably one using the skills you obtained doing your uni degree.

2. When you realised you need to be saving a portion of your money for the ~future~.

3. When you got home from a long day of work and your whole house was a mess.

4. When you found yourself cleaning up after your housemates like you're their goddamn parent.

5. When it was tax time and you just had no idea how to handle it.

6. When you tried to do your grocery shopping for a week to be all prepared but it just never seemed to happen that easily.

7. When you looked for an affordable place to rent that's not a hole.

8. When you tried to set up electricity, gas, or internet and it just NEVER seemed to go smoothly.

9. When you realised you need to start putting money away for health insurance.

10. Pretty much anytime you had to pay a bill tbh.

11. When you realised you can't ignore phone calls forever because they're probably about something important.

12. When you had a ton of laundry to do and you knew you couldn't just keep buying new underwear.

13. When all your friends were gallivanting overseas and you were just trying to get through the 9-5 grind.

14. Or when the reality hit you that you hadn't seen your uni friends in over six months.

15. When you drank too much and wake up with a HUGE hangover and thought, "This would not have happened in my YOUTH."

16. When people around you started getting married and having babies at an alarmingly fast rate.

17. When you hit your mid-to-late-twenties and people started asking, "When are you going to settle down?"

18. Or likewise when people said, "But you're an adult now."

19. When you could no longer fake a sick day for being tired, like you used to in school.

20. When you did get sick and no one was there to take care of you.

21. When your metabolism slowed the fuck down.

22. When you found out the latest up-and-coming celebrities were all actually younger than you.

23. When you dreaded your next birthday because no matter what presents you get, you'll still be getting OLDER.

24. When you realised you were starting to think a lot more practically about birthday presents.

25. When you had a 10-minute consultation with a doctor and it cost you $90.

26. When you found out you were more than halfway to 50.

27. And when you were looking for an adult to figure out what to do and realised you were an adult.