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    Posted on 30 Jan 2015

    17 Problems Short People Face During Every Live Concert

    Please don't hurt me. Or stand in front of me.

    1. You get to the gig way too early with hopes that you can nab a spot where you can actually see the stage.


    Even half of a band member counts.

    2. When doors open, you're in a desperate rush to beat the stampede of people about to rain down on you.


    There's only so far your short little legs can carry you.

    3. You live in fear of being squashed in the mosh pit.


    4. And the fear of crowd surfers landing directly on top of you.


    Because they can't, you know, see you from so high above.

    5. Not to mention the fear someone will pick you up and throw you into the crowd.

    Via ABC

    As you unwillingly crowd surf all the way to the back of the venue.

    6. There's been too many times you've been acquainted with the lower back of a tall, sweaty person.


    7. And the underarms of other dancing, moshing, sweaty patrons.

    Fox / Via

    8. You don't even flinch anymore when someone accidentally elbows you in the face.

    9. And you're prepared to fall over or lose your balance at least once in the moshpit.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    On a lucky night anyway.

    10. When a tall person stands directly in front of you and doesn't move, it's basically an emotional experience.


    Please move to the left. Just a little? Please?

    11. Your neck will constantly hurt during and after the gig. For hours.

    Warner Bros

    All that craning just to catch a glimpse.

    12. And in some sad cases, you can spend the whole concert not being able to see a single thing.

    Fine Line Features

    13. You get a false sense of hope at seated concerts.


    Because SURELY that means you can see this time.

    14. Until some tall fucker sits right in front of you.



    15. And it leaves you feeling like this for the rest of the night:


    So. Much. Irrational. Rage.

    16. Still, considering it's all about the music you will inevitably enjoy the experience as a whole.

    Interscope Records / Via

    17. And walk away looking forward to your next concert experience.

    Channel 10 / Via

    Because hey, sometimes you get that stroke of luck where you get the perfect view.

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