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    Posted on 24 Mar 2015

    18 Questions From Childless People For Parents

    Seriously, how do you do it?

    1. Was the birthing experience as traumatic as they make it look in movies?

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    2. Did you panic the first time the baby cried?


    3. Do you actually ever sleep?


    4. Do you ever get used to the smell of dirty diapers?

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    5. Do babies really have different cries to distinguish what they want, or does it all just sound the same?

    6. When they're learning to talk, do you actually understand what they're trying to say, or just go along with it?

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    7. Do you miss having free weekends without tiny humans to look after?


    8. Do you sometimes wish you had a remote control to turn your child off?


    9. Do you ever get scared of accidentally dropping them?

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    10. Do you hide chocolate and other goodies from your kids so you at least have something for yourself?


    11. Do you ever want to cry when they cry, mainly because they interrupted you doing something important, like sleeping?


    12. Do you ever do super weird things to try and make your child go to sleep?


    13. Is it really hard to maintain your friendships after a tiny human joins your family?

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    14. Do you feel proud or exasperated when your child starts picking up your lingo?


    15. Is shopping with your children a different kind of torture?


    16. Do you ever miss being childless?

    17. Do you get terrified when you have to send them out into the real world?


    18. And what's the best thing about being a parent?


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