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19 Things You Miss About Country Australia After Moving To Sydney

There's no place like home.

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1. The freedom of driving everywhere you go.

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2. And the blissful lack of traffic as well as plentiful parking spots.

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3. Back in the day you could easily walk to your friend's house.

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4. And having your family close by is something you now wish you had.


5. There's the pleasant aspect of knowing people aren't complete strangers.

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6. Stepping outside and breathing in the fresh, non-polluted air is a feeling like no other.


7. And nothing beats being out in nature in general.


8. The price of rent is way cheaper in the country compared to the ridiculous city prices.


9. And there's a higher chance of being able to rent a place with a backyard for a pet.


10. Going out and not paying a ridiculous amount of coin for beer, wine and other alcohol was pretty awesome.

Did someone say $2 goon and juice?

Did someone say $2 goon and juice?

11. Not to mention there's no cover charges for pubs or clubs**.


**You know. If there was such thing as a club in your bustling little town.

12. And while it seems ridiculous, doing mainies with friends when you couldn't be bothered going out was actually pretty fun.

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What better way to check out the nightlife than drive past it and not be part of the drunken mess.

13. Though nothing was better than a good old house party with a bonfire.

14. While the city may have ~better~ clothes stores, shopping was never an overly torturous or crowded experience.

15. And there was rarely a line-up for change rooms.

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16. The silence of the country at night makes a nice change from the traffic, planes and general hustle and bustle of the city.


17. And the clear night sky always makes for an amazing view.

18. As much as the city was a fun, exciting change and adventure...


19. Deep down you love going home, because there's nothing quite like it.