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We Made Samantha Jade Answer The Hardest Australian Questions

Goon vs. Passion Pop?

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From her amazing vocals to her busy acting schedule, there's no denying Samantha Jade is an incredibly talented lady.

Her latest album Nine was just released and she's due to appear on Home and Away in early 2016.


1. Lamingtons or Fairy Bread?

Anna Mendoza for BuzzFeed

"Oh come on! My parties when I was little would not be the same if I didn't have fairy bread. That was my favourite thing to do. My brother and I got the weirdest craving for fairy bread about a month ago and tried to find hundreds and thousands... and they're actually really hard to find... if Woolies isn't open that is!"

2. Macca's run or a Bunnings sausage sizzle?

Anna Mendoza for BuzzFeed

"I love a good sausage sizzle... but who doesn't love a Macca's run? Especially when you're hungover... I want myself a little sausage McMuffin and two hash browns."


8. A day at the beach or a winery tour?

Anna Mendoza for BuzzFeed

"The beach I'd go to is Cottesloe beach in Perth. It's just so special and something about it is so beautiful. I find it so replenishing."


12. Big Day Out or Splendour in the Grass?

Anna Mendoza for BuzzFeed

"I've been to Splendour and I loved it. I love being in those little gum boots and walking around. And in winter you can rug up and not be so sweaty. Big Day Out was such the thing to do in high school though, it's sad it's ended."

14. ANZAC biscuit or a Tim Tam?

Anna Mendoza for BuzzFeed

"Tim Tams are just my favourite thing! I was watching Rove one night and he was teaching someone to do the slam, and I've never been able to achieve it so I keep eating Tim Tams so one day I can achieve it!"

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