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19 Things That Would Happen If Adult Life Was Like School

Afternoon nap or meditation time please.

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1. You'd have a bus pass, so you'd get free travel to work!

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Like the opal card, but... free.

2. After your morning meeting, you'd get a nice 15-20 minute break for morning tea or "recess".


3. Not to mention 45 minutes to an hour for lunch time. EVERY DAY. With NO interruptions.

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4. And as a bonus, your lunch would only cost a few dollars - because you'd have an awesome, super cheap canteen to go to.

5. But anytime you went outside, you'd have to wear your hat.

No hat, no play.

No hat, no play.

6. By pre-school rules, you'd always get afternoon nap time.

7. Or at least afternoon reading or meditation.

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8. You'd make your hard work decisions by using the classic yes/no rubber.

Still do that now tbh.

Still do that now tbh.

9. Or procrastinate from sending emails by making chatterboxes.

10. You'd have breaks during the day to play some sort of game with your colleagues like "Heads down, thumbs up."

11. Or perhaps "Wink murder."

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The only way to get one of your co-workers to drop dead.

12. And you'd definitely participate in handball tournaments during lunch.

13. You could happily skip out the doors between 3 - 3:30 P.M.

14. You'd have some sort of mandatory sporting activity every week, like gymnastics.

Great team bonding.

Great team bonding.

15. On the downside, you'd have to ask for permission to go to the toilet...

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16. ...or just to leave the room in general.


17. And there's that whole pesky homework thing as well.

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18. But your working week would ALWAYS finish on a Friday.

19. And all those holidays? Yes please.

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Not to mention easter break, term breaks and pupil free days.