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    Posted on 8 Oct 2015

    19 Things That Are Way Too Real For Unaffectionate People

    Can you not touch me?

    1. When someone you don't know that well kisses you on the cheek as a greeting.

    2. When your friend is really upset and you just can't make your body react in the right way to comfort them.

    3. So you just end up being really weird and awkward about the whole situation.

    4. When someone grabs your hand or arm when you're walking and your reaction is basically this...

    5. When you catch up with long-lost relatives and they keep kissing your cheeks and hugging you extra tight and you're like "NOPE!"

    6. When others go in for a hug and it lingers for too long...

    7. you just end up feeling really uncomfortable and try to make a not-so-subtle escape.

    8. Or you do your best to avoid it altogether and it turns into an awkward "must dodge these outstretched arms" dance.

    9. When your buddies try and touch you in public and you basically react like this.

    10. And this is your face when anyone starts taking up your personal space.

    11. When you meet someone you've been talking to online and this sort of awkward greeting happens.

    12. When you've had a rough day at work and your housemate tries to give you a consoling back pat or hug and you're just like "can you not?"

    13. When your co-worker is admiring your new jacket and strokes it and you have an internal spasm.

    14. Because you've told people numerous times that you really can't stand being touched, hugged or stroked.

    Guys. Buy a puppy or something.

    15. And it's amazing how many people DO NOT GET IT.

    16. When you're out with your pals and they're getting intimate and you're like "GROSS" at all the PDA.

    17. When people are making out in the club and you're sitting there in between dances like "can you not?"

    18. When you're trying to push past people on the train but it's like their lips are super-glued together and you can't even deal.

    19. And when you're in that rare mood where you want affection but also hate it at the same time.

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