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    23 Most Annoying Aspects Of Living In Sydney

    Love trackwork every weekend.

    1. Paying for public transport all week, only to find out there's trackwork on the weekend, so your free train trips are wasted.

    2. Getting on a peak hour train and getting well acquainted with the train door and the underarm of the person standing next to you.

    3. Watching buses just casually drive past your stop, like you don't have to be anywhere.

    4. Attempting to walk anywhere along Pitt or George street at a regular-to-fast pace.

    5. Walking on busy streets when it's raining.

    6. Walking out the wrong exit at Central station.

    7. Just being at Town Hall station.

    8. Driving down Parramatta road.

    9. TBH, just driving anywhere.

    10. All the goddamn tolls.

    11. Finding parking.

    12. Or rather, finding unmetered or affordable parking.

    13. All. The. Fucking. German. Cockroaches. Everywhere.

    14. The mould that haunts all inner west bedrooms, bathrooms and... well every room.

    15. VIVID.

    16. Bondi beach.

    17. Waiting 45-minutes for a goddamn table for brunch.

    18. The prices of drinks and food once you hit The Rocks.

    19. The price it costs to get to the airport.

    20. Taxi drivers who ask for directions from you.

    21. Having to pay $200-300 plus a week, to live in a decent apartment somewhere ~close~ to the city.

    22. Or paying less rent and living further out of the city, only to have to pay higher Opal fees.

    23. And knowing that's life, 'coz let's be real you won't be buying in Sydney anytime soon.

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