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    19 Photos That Will Take You Right Back To Your Australian Uni Days

    Mi Goreng and goon for days.

    1. This staple meal that you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    2. This basic summary of O-Week.

    Facebook: Tahlia.Pritchard

    3. These O-Week souvenirs that were collected over the years.

    4. This tasty beverage.

    5. This epic haul for a 10/10 punch.

    6. And how the bags then turned into a handy pillow substitute.

    7. This hangover cure.

    8. These ever-faithful staples that got you around campus in the warmer months.

    9. And these much-loved winter friends.

    10. The social media posts and strategically placed posters around campus that would always get you excited for uni nights.

    11. And this accurate depiction of basically everyone in morning lectures after uni night.

    12. This exact feeling when you read your first ever syllabus.

    13. And this set-up for the start of every semester where you vowed to be more organised this time.

    14. This ideal napping environment.

    15. This post-lecture retreat.

    16. This grade description for when you hated one of your classes and figured the saying "P's get degrees" exists for a reason.

    17. This rather ideal set-up for a last minute assignment effort.

    18. When exams are only a couple weeks away and you're not prepared at all.

    19. And that sweet, sweet feeling when you finally graduate.

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