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    29 Sep 2015

    26 Reasons Why Close Female Friendships Are The Best

    Because you always need your girls.

    1. Your female besties are the greatest people in the world to rant to.


    2. They always offer the best, and most honest advice.


    3. They know when exactly it's a wine time vs. chocolate and ice cream time.

    4. And they'll never ever judge you for eating a whole pizza in one sitting or snot-crying during an episode of Grey's Anatomy.


    5. Your nights out with them are always guaranteed to be hilarious.


    6. Though you both know how to deal with each other at your drunken worst.

    7. And most hangovers end up with you guys finding your way to each other's bed somehow and settling in until the headache subsides.


    8. There are no barriers for any discussions you have with your gal pals...


    9. From family issues or annoying co-workers...


    10. discussing relationships, flings or one-night stands in (sometimes explicit) detail.


    OK, generally always explicit detail.

    11. And you know that your secrets are always safe with them.


    12. Even when you're feeling terrible they always know the right things to say.

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    13. They know the cardinal rule of only uploading selfies where you all look 10/10.

    14. Though sometimes your squad photos are just too on point not to share.

    15. You can communicate with just a single look.

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    16. Whether it's the "We must leave RIGHT now" look.

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    17. The "This person we're talking to is definitely strange" glance.


    18. Or the "Please rescue me from this drunken guy at the bar" glare.

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    19. You have a ridiculous number of "in" jokes that only you guys can understand.


    20. Any moment of "remember when..." can send you into a fit of giggles instantly.


    21. Even if you became friends later in life, you know most of the details of their first relationship, first time and best/worst teen experiences.

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    22. As well as all their old and embarrassing music and pop culture obsessions.

    23. You know they're the most important people to introduce any new partner too.


    Forget the parents, it's your female besties that can be the most intimidating.

    24. And they're 100% there for you during the best times of your relationships, as well as the worst.


    25. Even if you end up living in different cities, it doesn't change your bond too much...


    26. ...because at the end of the day, they'll always be your favourite people.

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