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7 Highlights From "The Bachelorette" Australia, Episode 11

We're nearly at the end fam.

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1. Lee had the first date and things started beautifully.

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Georgia arrived by helicopter, because of course. The romantic, exciting music was playing heavily in the background, letting us all know Lee will make it into the top two.

They flew over the beach where they had their first date, and I was triggered because THAT IS NIKKI'S GODDAMN BEACH.

Lee said a lot of nice, vanilla things about falling for Georgia, then did the most stupid thing I've ever seen. He threw away his goddamn wine. Honestly, I didn't think this show could shock me anymore, but here we are.

2. Then Georgia got put off by Lee having a permanent Melbourne stutter.

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See, Lee loves Melbourne, and loves that Georgia is from Melbourne, and loves Melbourne food, and Melbourne people, and Melbourne drinks, and Melbourne grass, and Melbourne... you get the point.

So Georgia wanted to know if his feelings only stemmed from the fact she comes from Melbourne. Lee answered the questions perfectly, and basically can't wait to start his life with Georgia... in Melbourne.

3. Jake's solo date was up next, which was no shock.

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The middle part of the episode is definitely the filler soooo... I'm not liking your chances Jake.

After a sail around the harbour, things got hairy when Jake's mum was brought up, mainly because of the fact she wants Jake to stay in Brisbane. But Georgia mentioned she felt "so comfortable in Jake's arms" and that she "can't think of anywhere else she'd rather be." Apart from with Lee I presume. And Matty J. And maybe even Osher, who knows, he looks like he'd give good hugs too.


4. And Georgia grilled Jake on whether he'd move or not.

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Honestly all this talk of moving to Melbourne, or staying in Melbourne, or leaving Melbourne... let's just be thankful we all didn't start a drinking game revolving around how many times they said "Melbourne."

Jake was all "if the feelings are strong enough, the distance is nothing", blah blah blah. Then he stared at Georgia in a deep and meaningful way, said something about fighting for her, and kissed her... which was a great way to get her to shut up about Melbourne.

5. Matty J's turn rolled around.

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Matty J was all "my family loved you!" and Georgia said, "sounds fake but ok, your sister honestly wanted to stab me with a rose thorn." OK, well she didn't say that exactly, but her eyes did.

The two went to a distillery to make a bottle of gin together. Matty J basically got super nervous about figuring out the right moment to tell Georgia he loved her, and just kinda stared at her in a conversation I imagine went like this:

Matty's eyes: I love you

Georgia's eyes: Where is your sister hiding?


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Oh god, he finally got there. After some procrastination, awkward bobbing up and down in the water, and probably three failed attempts, he finally told Georgia he was falling in love with her.

Literally that girl has so much damn restraint for not saying anything back, considering I was basically yelling "I LOVE YOU TOO!" to my TV.

7. Poor Jake was sent home.

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The one night he didn't wear black to the cocktail party! πŸ˜”

He actually looked absolutely gutted and confused,
and it was way sadder than what I even imagined when I confidently told everyone I know this morning: "Jake is going home."

Good luck out there Jake.