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18 Aussie TV Shows Americans Really Need To Get On Board With

Don't make me tell you twice.

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1. Offspring

Following Nina and her family on all sorts of adventures, Offspring is a show that will make you laugh, and then really make you cry. No spoilers but honestly, make sure you have tissues.

2. Summer Heights High

Highly inappropriate and highly entertaining, this iconic mockumentary will leave you in stitches.

4. The original Kath & Kim

Forget the version of this show you Americans tried to create, the classic Aussie version will always be the best.


5. The Aussie Real Housewives

OK I get it – you have about a thousand American versions to choose from. But where else would you hear the ladies call each other "c u next tuesdays", throw each others' clothes into the water, and have literally EVERY single dinner party erupt with fights, tears, and broken glasses?

6. Round The Twist


It's Australia's weirdest, but favourite kids' show for a reason. With wacky storylines ranging from the time Pete pissed on a tree then fell pregnant to a tree spirit, to a magical fish swimming up Bronson's penis and making him a champion swimmer, what's not to love?


9. Wolf Creek


A spin-off show from the popular movie franchise, the TV series focuses on a teenage tourist who embarks on a mission of revenge after serial killer Mick Taylor slaughters her family.

10. Please Like Me

Josh is a 20-something gay male, trying to find his place in the world. The series follows his love life, family dramas, and the process of growing up and is honest, funny, raw, and emotional.

12. The Australian version of The Bachelor

Network 10

I understand the American Bachelor is DRAMATIC, full on, and very over the top. BUT, if you ever get bored can I recommend the Aussie version? It's weirdly endearing, sometimes hilarious, and the love stories actually have had a pretty solid success rate.


13. Puberty Blues

Network 10

Based on the book by Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey, and set in the late '70s, the series revolves around two best friends Debbie and Sue, and their coming-of-age journeys.

14. Tomorrow When the War Began


Based on the beloved John Marsden series, the TV adaption follows the first book fairly closely. A group of teenagers find themselves in the middle of an unexpected war and cut off from everyone they know after returning from a camping trip. They soon learn in order to survive they must find their way in the new world, a world in which they are the few remaining free Australians.

15. Wentworth

Often touted as Australia's version of OITNB, the series follows the lives of numerous women who are learning how to survive in prison.

16. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Following a private detective in 1920s Melbourne, the series focuses on Phryne Fisher as she solves crimes and kicks ass, while looking damn glamorous at all times.

18. Dance Academy

The teen drama follows a small town girl as she strives to achieve her dancing dreams in Sydney. The show revolves around Tara Webster and her fellow dancers, and documents their highs, lows, friendship and relationship dramas, and their dance successes.