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    23 Things Every Former Emo Kid Wore In The '00s

    "But muuuum, I write on my Converses to express my FEELINGS."

    1. Band shirts.

    2. Vests.


    3. Skinny jeans.

    Black obvs.

    4. Black nail polish.

    5. Numerous hair bows.

    6. Black hats.

    7. Striped scarves.

    8. Fingerless gloves.

    9. Converses.

    MostlyGuyStock / DeviantArt / Via / Via

    Probably with lyrics scrawled all over them.

    10. Fishnet stockings.

    11. Doc Martens / black boots.

    12. Red eyeshadow.

    13. Studded black belts.

    14. Sweat bands.

    15. Snake bites.

    Flickr: David Erickson / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 48287920@N06

    Real or fake, it didn't matter.

    16. Beanies.

    17. Checkered Vans.

    18. Buttons.

    19. A black hoodie.

    (Probably some sort of band one, let's be real.)

    20. Coloured streaks.

    21. Black eyeliner.

    22. Flannel shirts.

    23. And skull accessories.

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