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17 Signs You Went To A Catholic School In Australia

Church in summer was basically hell.

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1. You spent your childhood naively thinking going to a "private" school made you smarter.

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It doesn't. And why are Catholic schools referred to as "private" schools anyway?


6. You loved reconciliation for getting out of class, but you also hated it because you had to think of what "sins" to confess.

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"Forgive me father for I have sinned... I teased my sister. I said a swear word. And I didn't help my mum around the house. So pretty much the same as last month."

7. When you heard the words "It's time for liturgy," you had to stop your eyes from rolling into the back of your head.


11. As a kid you'd wear your ash cross with pride after the Ash Wednesday service. As a teen, you couldn't run to the bathroom fast enough to wash it off.


15. Although you knew you could get away with barely studying religion and still be able to pass the exam come HSC time.


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