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18 People Who Accurately Summed Up Your Netflix Obsession

Currently in a stable relationship with Netflix.

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1. When you know you don't need those 15 seconds at all.

2. When getting Netflix was the best decision in your life... but also potentially the worst.

3. When the truth of this hurt.

4. Even though you now have everything you need in life.

5. Because at the end of the day Netflix is the reliable friend always looking out for you.

6. When having the house to yourself is super exciting, because NETFLIX.

7. When Netflix is always on your mind.

8. And when this wasn't the worst idea in the world.

9. When this is basically life goals.

10. When you finish a series and have no idea what to do with yourself anymore.

11. This very accurate summary of your body clock.

12. When you have that great work / life balance.

13. This first world problem that we can all relate to.

14. When you just know Netflix helps your productivity.

15. When you're totally ready for Netflix to fuck you up.

16. When you can't help but love Netflix for being ahead of the game...

17. ...though remember to spare a thought for those who do not know the true power of Netflix.

18. And when some people just don't understand.