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    19 Hacks That Will Make Your Next Move A Lot Easier

    Be preeeepaaaaaaaared.

    1. Change your address a couple days before you move.


    Everyone knows how annoying it is to constantly receive mail addressed to previous residents. Don't be that person.

    2. Make sure gas and electricity is already set up for your new place.

    New Line Cinema

    Moving can be a bit of a rush and leave you feeling flustered at times, so make sure to get the necessities organised before you start getting preoccupied with packing.

    3. If you're using removalists, organise them at least a week in advance.


    It's better to be safe than sorry!

    4. If you're not using removalists, make sure you have bubble wrap, and even extra blankets to wrap larger, expensive items in.

    5. If your current place needs to be cleaned before you receive your bond, organise a cleaner, or make sure you have the rental agency supply a checklist for what you need to do.

    Some rental agencies will recommend a cleaning place and even organise it themselves. While it might be pricey, it ensures everything gets cleaned correctly and to the right standards. If you think you can knock it over yourself, make sure you've stocked up on cleaning supplies. And never forget the sugar soap!

    6. If you forget things easily, write a list.

    7. Visit supermarket stores later at night and ask for boxes.

    8. Use packing as an opportunity to throw shit out.

    9. And yes, that means clothes and shoes too.

    10. In the week or two leading up to the move, try and do a little bit every night.

    11. Buy garment bags for your clothes.

    12. Stock your heavier items in a suitcase.

    13. If you're getting rid of furniture, try selling it on a website, in a community Facebook group, or organise a council pickup.

    If it's an old bookcase not worth shit, council pickups are available - just book one in, dump your stuff outside your house, and they'll swing by and get it for you.

    14. Make sure you buy the higher-quality garbage bags.

    15. Wrap your breakables in newspaper, plastic bags, or even pillow cases and towels.

    16. Label. Everything.

    17. Deconstruct your bed the night before.

    18. Also remember to defrost your fridge the day/night before.


    It's a good excuse to get takeaway that night. Clear everything out, and switch it off. Now I won't force you, but once it's defrosted it's also a good time to give it a good ol' clean.

    19. And if you have a car, load it up with as much stuff as you can in the days leading up to the move.

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