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    16 Surprising Benefits Of Being A Middle Child

    It's not all neglect and heartbreak.

    1. You actually don't fight all that much with your siblings.


    Generally middle children act as the peacemaker rather than the instigator. Or more commonly, they just DGAF if they hear their siblings fighting and go do something more productive with their time.

    2. You're independent.

    A middle child is not the leader of the pack nor a follower. A middle child goes by their own rules and has a damn great time doing it.

    3. You're happy doing your own thing.

    While your siblings are talking over each other to get attention, you're happy just to play a quiet game or read a book.

    4. You're good at remaining calm and neutral in tense situations.


    It was hard for you to pick a side growing up, because you're close to your older and younger siblings in different ways. So when any issues of conflict arise, you're more likely to play fair and keep calm, rather than lose your temper or stoop to any low levels.

    5. You're tough.

    You have a thick skin. Years of being forgotten about does that to you.

    6. You have great negotiating skills.


    Generally the older sibling demands and the younger sibling whinges - so you can use that to your advantage.

    7. You think outside the box.


    Growing up as a middle child sometimes made you feel like your parents weren't always paying attention to you. This taught you to not see everything in black and white and work outside the norm.

    8. You're happy to not be the centre of attention, because it generally means you can do your own thing without being interrupted.

    Sure, as a kid you may have felt like you were ignored or overshadowed. But as a teen you probably used this to your advantage.

    9. You're not afraid to take risks.

    Whether it's bungee jumping or moving city, you're usually pretty fearless.

    10. You're more likely to fly under the radar at extended family gatherings.

    Mainly because Great Aunt Petunia and co can remember all your siblings names but not yours. So go hide in that corner with the party food and know you're better off than your siblings.

    11. You're empathetic towards others.


    Having your feelings so often forgotten about when growing up has made you a better, more empathetic person.

    12. You're a lot more well-adjusted than what people would think.


    This is because your parents never had super high expectations for you, nor was everything handed to you on a silver platter. That makes for one well-rounded individual.

    13. Your older sibling had to do all the scary stuff like attend high school and move out of home before you.


    So their experiences made you feel somewhat prepared at least.

    14. But you were able to pass down great words of wisdom to your younger sibling.

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    "Sit down. I'm going to tell you how babies are made."

    15. Middle children are in powerful company.

    52% of presidents have been middle children. Other famous middle children include Madonna and Martin Luther King Jr.

    16. When middle children succeed at something, it shocks people. Therefore continue being your beautiful, sparkly self and keep succeeding.


    Life motto.

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