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    Posted on 2 Mar 2016

    23 Photos That Will Never Make Sense To People Who Didn't Go To Catholic School

    "May the force be with you." "And also with you."

    1. Your school uniform was basically all tartan. / Creative Commons

    2. You had super-strict rules when it came to skirt length.

    It must be touching or below your knees when kneeling at the pew.

    3. And facing the battle of stockings every goddamn winter was a royal pain.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    The stockings can't be too sheer, though, ladies!

    4. This was about the costume limit for any school play.

    5. And lessons really took on a different kind of edge.

    6. Tbh, you really didn't learn much when it came to sex education.

    7. You spent many hours staring at stained-glass formations like this while daydreaming in church.

    8. And this was basically a representation of you come every religion class.

    9. When you had school discos you had to remember the cardinal rule.

    10. And remember: NO TIGHT GRINDING.

    11. Every year, you wonder if you'll get a legit cross on Ash Wednesday or just a pathetic little smudge. / Creative Commons

    Let's be real, it never looked this perfect.

    12. And this always, ALWAYS happened when Lent rolled around for another year. / Via Universal

    13. Waking up for Sunday morning mass was one of life's toughest battles.

    14. You definitely fucked this up at some stage as a kid.

    15. You can't think of the iconic Star Wars line without this response automatically popping into your head.

    16. Choir was always a valiant attempt to hit the high notes of "Shine, Jesus, Shine".

    And there was always one teacher or nun that'd just out-sing the rest of you anyway.

    17. And there were far too many times when the holy water was really out to get you.

    18. You secretly dreaded having to shake strangers' hands during Mass.

    And it was even more awkward when this happened.

    19. You quickly learnt how to dodge feet and knees when working your way out of the pew for Communion.

    20. If you were served the ~body and blood~ of Christ like this, you felt like you were way more grown-up.


    21. When church finally ended after what felt like five hours, your mum ALWAYS seemed to start talking to someone for ages.

    "Oh, you remember Judith? Grandma's neighbour's daughter's best friend's cousin?"

    22. But as a plus, the times you got to leave early were pretty damn thrilling.

    23. And regardless, your faith always found a way to follow you around, even when you were least expecting it.

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