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    Everyone Take A Deep Breath, "Pretty Little Liars" Is Finally Ending Next Year

    Please, I just need closure.

    Pretty Little Liars will end in 2017, creator I. Marlene King confirmed during a Facebook Live video with the cast.


    "After tomorrow night's summer finale, the next 10 episodes of the show really are going to be the last of the series," King said.

    Facebook: video.php

    The second part of the final season will air in April 2017, with a wedding, old characters reuniting, and a two-hour finale all on the cards.

    Facebook: prettylittleliars

    "It's the biggest, most romantic, most twisty-turvy... I can't think of one question we didn't answer," King hinted.

    Many fans were devastated by the news.

    i am literally heartbroken that pretty little liars end is official now 😩 i feel so attached to the characters it's not fair 😀

    Omg pretty little liars my poor heart. #PLL only 10 episodes left I need a wine

    I'm in denial that Pretty Little Liars is ending, like nope, no it's not happening @PLLTVSeries #PLL

    While others can see the brighter side.

    As much as I have loved Pretty Little Liars, I think we can all admit the cancellation feels like being freed from A's dollhouse.

    I can't believe Pretty Little Liars is ending soon. It's been a bitter sweet 7 years πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    And of course, some fans are a teeny bit unsure if their questions will finally be answered.

    Well, it's certainly been a wild ride, PLL fandom.

    Still praying for a Wine Moms spin-off tbh.

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