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23 Battles All Aussie Country Kids Faced Growing Up

How the fuck is my house in a black spot, I live "in town".

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4. There were times during recess or lunch that you'd be subjected to locust attacks.



5. And there'd be too many times at night that you'd spot a little visitor on your bedroom wall.

10. Alternatively, your town tried to call your local river "a beach".

Good try Wagga.

11. And you'd never know what natural disaster each summer would bring.

Drought, bushfire or floods, take your pick.


14. The clothes shopping situation was not ideal.

You'd switch from Pumpkin Patch to Target Country as you matured.


17. And once everyone got their P's, the only "fun" thing to do was mainies.

Mainies = when you drive up and down the main street of your town, generally blaring music and basically wasting a whole lotta time.