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27 Tell-Tale Signs It's Summer In Australia

Good luck Australia... summer has only just begun.

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1. You're quick to run to the nearest K-Mart to buy one of these bad boys.

And pray they haven't sold out.


12. Or when the temperature is still in the thirties even at 11pm.

13. FINALLY being able to indulge in delicious mangoes that don't cost you a small fortune.

15. And of course it's important to stock up on these precious necessities.

16. There's the excitement as cricket and tennis season kicks off.

And debating whether to go to a game and risk epic sunburn or just stay inside where it's safe.


18. As it gets warmer, you start being branded by the thing that was meant to keep you safe.


21. And no chocolate bar is safe from the burning sun.

Unless it's in the fridge, obvs.

22. On the plus side, you can live your life in thongs.

Get that sweet tan line.

24. If you have a backyard, a slip 'n' slide is a must.

No matter how old you are.


26. Basically this is an accurate depiction of the WHOLE country from late November to February.

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